Livermore Swimming Pool Fence – 5 Foot Option

Swimming Pool Safety Fence

This beautiful Livermore Swimming Pool Fence was completed utilizing our 5′ option.  25 percent taller than standard pool fence, it is a great option for those occasions where additional safety is required.

Pool Safety Fence in Moraga

Pool Fence and Self Closing Gate

This recent pool fence and self-closing self-latching gate installation in Moraga was completed in 4′ Brown Sienna.  The color goes great with the surrounding landscape.

Contra Costa County Pool Fence & Self Closing and Latching Gate

Swimming Pool Safety Fence in Blackhawk community

This Swimming Pool Fence and Self Closing Gate was recently completed in Blackhawk, a Danville California community. Pool Fence installations are easily customized to accommodate areas around the swimming pool that require a step up or down in order to adapt to elevation changes.

Alamo Pool Fence and Safety Gate

Pool Safety Fence - Alamo, California

This Pool Safety Fence and Gate was recently installed at an Alamo residence. During the layout process, features like the Hot Tub pictured can be considered and enclosed within the pool fence area creating a safe zone and isolating children and pets from danger.

Pool Barrier Removable Safety Fence Installed in Danville

image of a pool safety fence in Danville

Removable Safety Fence Installed in Danville. The view is not obstructed by our 4 foot tall, brown safety fence.