Center for Disease Control – Pool Safety Guide

The Center for Disease Control maintains a great swimming pool safety site. You can most likely get your pool safety questions answered here – in addition to a lot of others related to your child’s and family’s safety. Swimming is a fun, active, and healthy way to spend leisure time. However, in the past two decades we have […]

Center for Health Improvement – Health Policy Guide

The Center for Health Improvement is a California based non-profit organization dedicated to advancement of heath policies and they provide technical assistance services that improve population health and encourage healthy living. They’ve provided a very nice health policy guide, containing a very relevant section that addresses swimming pool safety and the importance of pool barrier installations to reduce […]

Pool Safety Barrier Guidelines

Here is a link to publication no. 362, published by U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. It has been adopted as a reference by a large number of communities throughout the country and has been adopted as policy by many. Contained in its pages are specific guidelines to help consumers identify the best safety fence solutions. […]

Do you need a removable pool fence?

Do you need a Pool fence? Of course! If you are a swimming pool owner, there can be no other appropriate answer when the safety of the children in your home, and in your neighborhood, is considered. Swimming pool barriers are one of the very last protective layers keeping a young child away from the swimming […]