Textilene Mesh

image of textilene mesh

Child Resistant Textilene Mesh

Pool Barrier uses a 10 x 10 weave for added strength in its child resistant pool fence material. This weave uses 10 threads vertically and 10 threads horizontally per square inch. Note that this weave prevents uneven pull and rippling of the fabric.

Textilene® is fire retardant. It is self-extinguishing when an open flame is removed from the fabric and does not exhibit any burning afterglow.

Textilene® is mildew resistant. Food and beverages, as well as most other chemical ingredients found in the average household, just wash away by cleaning with a solution of 1 cup of mild detergent and 1 cup of bleach in three gallons of water.

Textilene® is wear resistant. It does not peel like conventional cloth fabrics, and exhibits excellent resistance to abrasive mediums such as sand.

Textilene® has tensile retention rated at greater than 95%.

Textilene® is available in several colors.

When choosing the color of mesh, it is important to keep in mind that some colors appear to be more transparent than others. In the pictures to the side, you will notice that the black allows for a better view of the other side of the mesh, and therefore not detracting from your view.